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Jon Gunnar Wold

ENGLISH INFO: Flying models or drones in Norway

In general:

Foreign pilots flying in Norway are required to follow the European Union (EU) regulation regarding registration and model marking.

Flying drones in Norway as a tourist or professional? 

Non-EU pilots visiting Norway

Non-EU pilots must register as a «UAS operator» with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), in order to «comply with Regulation (EU) 2019/947, for the purpose of UAS operations within the single European sky airspace».

Register here:

  1. Choose «English» by clicking on the Globe-symbol in the top right corner of the flydrone-website
  2. Select the option «Private person as drone pilot, with drone» and click the «Foreign user»-button
  3. Register and pay the fee (NOK 220).
    • If you are flying as a guest of a model flying club, You DO NOT need to take the online competency test. Ignore the message about 250 gram drone limit.
    • If you are flying drones as a tourist by yourself, you do need to pass the competency test.
  4. You must mark your models with the ID-number (NOR-123abc…etc) that you receive after payment. The rules state that the ID can be hidden inside a battery hatch or similar.
  5. Registration is valid for one year, and is valid in all EU-countries (Note that other countries may require you to pass the online competency test in order to fly there).

See also the FAQ from EASA for non-EU residents flying in Europe:
If you have questions regarding the registration process and/or payment of the fee, you must ask the Civil Aviation Authority by e-mail: (We’re sorry, but we cannot help you even if we want to, this is a government website outside of our control)
If you have already registered as a UAS-operator in another EU-country before coming to Norway, you do not need to register again in Norway. Use the ID from the country where you registered.

Registration reguirement for EU pilots

  • EU-pilots must register in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/947 in their home country. Your ID is valid throughout EU.
  • If you have already registered in your home country, you DO NOT need to register again in Norway.
  • Norway does not require that you have passed the EU online competency test for UAS operators, provided that you fly in one of our clubs and/or at events such as the World Championships.

National rules for all foreign model pilots flying in Norway, either visiting a club, flying a model meeting or participating in a competition:

  • You are required to follow all local safety procedures for the local flying field. This will be outlined during pilots briefing.
  • All foreign pilots are required to have 3rd party liability insurance from your home country
  • All pilots must have a valid FAI Sporting Licence for aeromodelling
  • All transmitter and receiver equipment must be CE-compliant (All legally sold and reasonably modern R/C equipment has the CE-mark - this just means we can not allow homebuilt radio equipment.)